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Sika Membrane Treatment Chemicals

We supply, distribute, trade this Sika Membrane Treatment Chemicals to Chennai, all over Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka all states of India. We are offering Membrane Treatment Chemicals, which is a process for removing dissolved mineral salts, organic molecules and certain other impurities by forcing water under pressure to pass through a semi-permeable membrane.

This Membrane Treatment Chemicals is primarily used to separate the suspended and dissolved solute from the solvent, such as water. This Membrane Treatment Chemicals finds wide application in the purification process of water, involving simply the removal of undesirable contaminants. This Membrane Treatment Chemicals process is also used to make potable (drinkable) water by desalination of seawater; and even used residentially to improve quality of water.


  • Industrial roofs such as AC sheets & GI sheets
  • Basement
  • Curved Roofs
  • Slope Roofs
  • Concrete and terrace roofs

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